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Where is Mauritius?

Where is Zone 14?
Where is MFL?

Freeport Operator Licence (FAF1.pdf)
Freeport Application- Project Brief (FAF2.pdf)

Freeport Application- Project Brief (FAF3.pdf)

Paper Trade Activities (PTAF.pdf)
Storage Permit for Local Enterprise (SPL.pdf)
Storage Permit for Export Enterprise (SPE.pdf)
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About Us


The Mauritius Freezone Logistics Ltd is the fifth Freeport Developer to operate in Mauritius. MFL is a young, dynamic and
developing Freeport Zone which is expecting high growth in the near future. MFL is working towards expanding the amount of spaces for use to cater for increasing demand.
The site is excellently located on the Northern entrance road directly accessible via a link road which we entirely developed and constructed and Motorway M2. The site has been classified
as Zone 14 by the Mauritius Freeport Authority.
The Distance between the Port and the Free Zone is (More...)


Uses of Warehouses

In-house transport at competitive
prices and include transport of full
container load from Ports, unloading
of goods with or without forklift and
return of empty container to depot.
Racks are available. Office spaces are
also available.

Amongst the possible use of our
(a) Freeport Licensees can operate
assembly unit with the goal of
exporting a minimum of 80% and
has the opportunity to sell a
maximum of 20% of their goods.
(b) Store goods on bond
(c) Normal storage space
(d) Operating a cold room
(e) Operating a processing plant
Information Access
Information about particular goods movement can be accessed by
calling MFL or can be accessed via our website:

Customer Profile

Investment Opportunity

We have Freeport Licensees and normal trade licensees currently using our warehouses. Our customers operatein broad categories of industries such as aluminium, plastic, garment, automotive manufacturing, motorcycle, tiles, consumer electronics, food etc… We are flexible enough to allow investors to finance the construction of and design warehouses according to their particular needs. The responsibility of the construction is handed to our construction team. Investors can buy warehouses and rent to others as a separate business unit.

Spaces and Warehouses

The first phase consists of two blocks: A and B.
Block A has a surface area of sq m and
Block B has a surface area of sq m.
An additional area of 18,892 sq m is available
for future development.
Total area of land is 37,892.93 sq m.
Warehouses are available in Block B as
B4: 2,200 sq m
B5: 2,160 sq m
B6: 2,375 sq m
Gnd Floor B6: 2,375 sq m.
The height of the warehouses varies from
3 to 9 m.
Security officers are posted on site 24 hrs a day and comply with our
strict control procedures. Surveillance cameras covering the totality
of the warehouses are present on site.
Payment Method
Rentals are paid on a monthly basis and a deposit representing one month rental is required. The leaser has the possibility to
acquire through a lease/sale contract. A maximum of 12 months is allowed to conclude the sale. The rentals over this period will be taken as deposit.






Customs Act

Customs Tariff Act
Freeport Act 2004
Freeport Bill 2004
Freeport Regulations

Procedures to apply for a Freeport Licence

Procedures for carrying paper trade activities
Proc 3 - Operations Procedure for Clients Operating at MFL


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